FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

LAST BUILT V1.12.36 (29-01-2016)

• '-Go button on keyboard working on login input
and Timer update with every input and screen touch ( No App kill with long message input ) Thanks to Vladimir Framework7
• English language correction and small bug fix Thanks to Todd Framework7
• Add SECURITY Burn Timer, to burn messages if set time expired.
• Add SECURITY Only Cell connections, No Wi-Fi connections allowed, Special for PEM Secure VPN Sim cards.

  • 1.PEM Information
  • Is PEM 100% anonymous?

    PEM is 100% anonymous. We don’t need your phone number, email address or any kind of data that relates you to our messaging servers or organization. If you sign up for an account, you receive a Unique IDentification.
    at this moment there is a unique code generated 32 characters that uniquely encrypted local database, this unique code only know you current PEM app.
    You created yourself MD5 password is encrypted and stored in the local already Encrypted Database.
    Even we do not know who you are or can read your messages. Read our technical specs.

  • Which encryption does PEM use?

    We developed PEM for BB10 (BlackBerry), iOS (Apple) and Android. At this moment there is no version for Windows Phone or possibly other platforms available.

    PEM uses the encryption from Stanford Javascript Crypto Library (SJCL).

  • How does PEM work?

    To send messages really secured, PEM works like a paper toss. You write your message and press the send button. After filling in your secret keyword your message is being sent directly to your contact and can’t be found on your device anymore. No losing No history. If your contact replies, the message is being sent back to you and you can answer back again or delete your message. See the video for a more visual explanation of this technique.

  • Can I save my photo’s on my device?

    PEM will send out messages to your contacts in the safest way possible. For this reason, the app does not have any connection with other apps or memory on your device. Photos taken in PEM are not stored and photos from your album or other files on your device can not be attached to messages. The Photos will be with the messages Encrypted.

  • What does PEM cost?

    PEM uses 3 different subscriptions:
    • LITE (free)  –  You can use all functionalities of PEM but you can add only 1 contact
    • PRO (10/mo) – You can use all functionalities of PEM and can add infinite contacts
    • PREMIUM – pricing on request, tailor made solutions.

  • Why do I need 14 characters?

    Research has shown that protecting files with passwords or messages of 14 characters or more provides the best security. It is advisable to use not only letters but a combination of letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters (i.e. !@ # $% ^ & * () _- + =) But is more easy then you think like:JulieJulie72!

  • Why do I need a burn password?

    A burn password is an additional protection in PEM. If, in an extreme case, you are forced to open the app to disclose sensitive information, you can access it by typing the burn password. You will be able to open the app but your contacts and messages are immediately deleted from your device. No … will be left behind.

  • What is my Unique ID?

    Your Unique ID is a unique and 100% anonymous Uniquename that your messages are sent. Your Unique ID is always linked to a Nickname, a by you to fill in your own name with which you can identify contacts.

  • Where can I find my Unique ID?

    You can find your Unique ID at the top of the SETTINGS page. Only after successful login.

  • How do I write and send a message?

    Open PEM and go to your CONTACTS screen. Tap a contact and the app opens a screen where you can write your message. Tap the SEND icon, the app will ask you for your secret key that you agreed with your contact. Enter the secret key and press OK.

  • Can I edit my message notifications?

    In the SETTINGS section you can edit your message notifications.

  • I sent a message to a contact but I can’t find it anymore.

    Unlike all other (secured) messaging apps, PEM operates as a paper toss. Think of your message as a written letter that you give to someone. Once your message is gone, it is no longer in your possession. Only when your contact responds to the message, then you have your ‘letter’ back. This way PEM guarantees 100% secure messages. This keep your device empty with messages.

  • Why is there a TEST UID in my Contacts list?

    If you are starting with PEM and you do not have contacts yet, you can practice through TEST UID with sending and receiving messages.

  • How do I add a contact to my contacts list?

    In each of the three screens CONTACTS, MESSAGES SETTINGS you see top right ADD CONTACT. Click on it and you will see a NEW CONTACT screen. Here you can fill in:
    1. Your contact’s Unique ID
    2. Nickname, the name by which he will be placed in your contact list
    3. Your Nickname, with which you can identify yourself to your contact
    4. Secret key, known only by you and your contact. You need this secret key for the second encryption when sending your messages.
    5. At REMEMBER SECRET KEY, you can choose the option YES or NO. Choose NO as the safest option.
    6. Click SEND CONTACT REQUEST and your contact will receive a request which he must accept to exchange messages with you.
    TIP: determine your secret key with your contact so that you can start exchanging messages. Without the secret key, sending messages is not possible.

  • I don’t know my contacts Unique ID. Can I add him to my Contacts list?

    No. Without the Unique ID it’s not possible to add a contact.

  • Where can I edit my contact’s nickname?

    Go to your Contacts list and swipe the contact to the left. There are three options: EDIT NICKNAME, SET SECRET KEY and DELETE CONTACT. Click EDIT NICKNAME and you can change your contact’s nickname.

  • Can I edit my Unique ID?

    No, you can only get another Unique ID if you set up PEM and click CREATE NEW. All your messages and contacts will be lost.

  • Where can I edit the secret key between me and my contact?

    Go to your Contacts list and swipe the contact to the left. There are three options: EDIT NICKNAME, SET SECRET KEY and DELETE CONTACT. Click SET SECRET KEY and you can change your secret key.

  • There is a QR code in my Settings screen. Where do I use that for?

    There are two ways to add a contact, manual and by QR code. For the latter option, you must be sitting next to your contact. You go to ADD CONTACT and click QR SCANNER at top right. The Unique ID is recognized and will be added automatically. You still have to fill in the nicknames and secret key.

  • What happens when I press Remove all local settings

    Then PEM App goes back to Factory settings all local data wiped.

  • Why a log-off timer?

    To protect confidential information from other readers, PEM is equipped with a timer. If you set it to for example five minutes, and nothing happens in the app within this time, the app will log itself off.

  • What is the log-off shake?

    If you are typing a confidential message and someone joins you, you can close the app with a literal snap. Turn your device simply and PEM logs itself off. This setting you can set to LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY. Ranging from a slight towards a somewhat tougher movement.

  • User tips 1

    PEM requires a password of at least 14 characters. The use of different characters is the most safe. So use the best password consisting of a combination of letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special symbols (eg.! @ # $% ^ & * () _- + =)

  • User tips 2

    Write down your Unique ID and PIN in a safe place where you can retrieve at any time. If your app gets stuck or you have other reasons to reinstall, you need this data to restore contacts.

  • Can’t find your answer in this FAQ list?

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