Participants sought to test Framework7 iOS app.

We want to invite you to get acquainted with the new messaging app, PEM (beta version). This name stands for Personal Encrypted Messaging and is developed to send confidential messages in a really secure way. PEM does so with a so-called double encryption. In addition to our server generated encryption there is also a personal encryption which is applied by means of a by you and your contact agreed code or word. This combination ensures the best possible encryption of messages at this time.

You can download PEM with Apple Test Flight, an app developed specifically to test beta versions.

Please write down your Apple ID email address so we can invite you.
Framework7 Participants we upgrade to LifeTime Pro version.

Once downloaded, open the app and select PEM and click INSTALL.
After installation of the app on your iPhone you can start adding contacts.
You can create as contact our development department.

Use UID: SVFDZAJMTN with secret key: test

For questions, bug’s report and ideas please contact

Write down your Apple Id Email address if you want to Participate the PEM iOS TestFlight Program